Suddenly, a click in my mind made me dream. I began imagining the lives that embraced those characters born in the darkness. They were not ghosts but strangers of whom I had the feeling I could come to know their past.
Their past was there.

I began dreaming as from the images Ale had shown to me. I do not whether the idea I had about those people and their situations had something to do with what Ale had in his mind at the moment of creating them, but anyway.

Those images helped Ale bring to light what he needed to show and, in my case, they made me grow spiritually, not letting me impassible, making me vibrate over and over while gazing at the pictures, envying Ale… in some way.

I think the pictures will be useful to those who by now will come to see them. At least, you will enjoy contemplating them, in case you do not dare to go further. Even more, the aesthetic content of the pictures is so important that they deserved to be printed in a book like this one.

Finally I want to say: “come and see” or even better “come and enjoy”

Eugenio Recuenco